Bingöl's mountainous terrain has yielded a small population which is still partly nomadic. Family clans are very influential and conservative. There were once some believers who fell away due to pressure. Revival needed!

The written and living Word

Photo from Bingöl
Bingöl - Incil

The team met two guys who study at the Islamic theological faculty. So the conversation obviously turned to apologetic questions such as whether the Bible could be changed, Jesus being the Word of God and how love should lead to repentance, not fear. The guys tried to refute much of what was shared but the apologetically astute team leader had a clear and logical answer for everything. In the end, the team were able to give them New Testaments and a lot to chew on. Later, two of the team were at the mall and as they walked by a lady, one felt they were to give her a word of encouragement from the Lord. As they stopped her and shared it, she lit up and asked afterwards how that they knew what they shared about her? They testified that God had told them and she was in awe. They were able to share some about their faith as well until she had to return to work. Please pray that she would seek the source of these living words!

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