Bingöl's mountainous terrain has yielded a small population which is still partly nomadic. Family clans are very influential and conservative. There were once some believers who fell away due to pressure. Revival needed!

New seekers

Photo from Bingöl

One of the Turkish believers sat with two Kurdish girls. The conversation started with racial and political topics and then Meltem asked them why they believed in Islam. They seemed incredulous that they could believe anything different from their parents so Meltem shared that she had chosen herself to become a Christian. This shocked them and they peppered her with questions: "How do you worship? What are the foundations of the Christian belief? What does it mean to believe in Jesus?" After answering their questions, Meltem gave them each a New Testament together with other Christian books. The girls were very interested and even excited about the books so that they could discover more about Jesus. They promised to read what they'd been given. Please pray for safety for these girls as they investigate Jesus.

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    The team met two guys who study at the Islamic theological faculty. So the conversation obviously turned to apologetic questions such as whether... more

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