Bingöl's mountainous terrain has yielded a small population which is still partly nomadic. Family clans are very influential and conservative. There were once some believers who fell away due to pressure. Revival needed!

Ploughing hard ground

Photo from Bingöl

Two men and two women travelled to Bingöl to see what God would do! The plane ride was encouraging as one man heard the good news and accepted a New Testament on the plane. Another two men were happy to take Jesus films. Later at the hotel, two other men were happy to receive New Testaments, so things seemed encouraging, though no woman seemed open. The next day, after the team had rented a car and gone for fuel, they were surrounded by police who arrived on a "tip". There followed 90 God ordained minutes while a total of 17 policeman looked through all the materials and asked questions. The atmosphere was cordial and they were finally persuaded to take a copy of everything. Pray they are crowded around at the station, intently watching the Jesus film or More Than Dreams DVD! The team stopped to see some famous "floating islands" on their way to another province where they were able to gift some village girls with a Jesus film in their own language and where a group of men from Iraqi Kurdistan were so thrilled to receive Jesus films, they asked for more for their friends!