Bingöl's mountainous terrain has yielded a small population which is still partly nomadic. Family clans are very influential and conservative. There were once some believers who fell away due to pressure. Revival needed!

Ploughing hard ground

Photo from Bingöl

Two believing brothers visited this staunchly religious province. As they talked with a bunch of guys at a barber shop, there was a mix of curiosity and wonder at their faith in Christ as well as a staunch certainty of their traditions. Even young men seemed to have years of serious religious training. One with whom they spoke was so full of knowledge, but so empty of saving knowledge. In another place another young guy was reading a book about the hadiths. He also had the same mix of deep curiosity and evangelistic fervor for his faith. He did seem to really desire answers to his questions and listened very carefully to answers from the Word. Though he seemed to be searching and questioning in different ways, he told them in very strong terms how unshakeable his confidence was in his faith. 'No, there is absolutely no way anyone can earn his way into heaven with good works. The only way we can be saved is by the grace of God. There's no other way' was his answer. Videos went out to these people of Bingöl and we pray for more testimony of Christ in this place.