Bayburt's winters are so harsh that most of its villages lose their communication in winter and all food must be stored for months. There are no known believers but God has prepared a feast for the people of Bayburt.

Students in Bayburt

Photo from Bayburt
Sharing in Bayburt

A team of Korean believers travelled to Bayburt and while they were walking the walls and praying they met four young men who were studying at the University. They were proud of how the Ottoman Turks had occupied and also told us there was one of the longest underground cities in Turkey where Christians had hidden from time to time and where Armenians fled and were killed in the 19th Century. The students were invited to join the group for dinner, where they were able to share. Distributing Matthew’s Gospel to each, they read together how Jesus was born and died and resurrected and how our sins are forgiven when we believe in him. The group earnestly shared with them for more than three hours. They seemed to understand and agreed with what we said. We pray that God will till the ground so that the seed with grow and mature to fruit.