Batman is rich in oil reserves but struggles with some serious societal issues. This is also where the Turkish branch of Hızbullah was established. God has new life for Batman!

"Isn't it heresy to say Jesus is God's Son?"

Photo from Batman

While on the flight to eastern Turkey, one of our team members was marking the assignments of students in a class she was teaching about sharing Christ with Turks. The man sitting across the aisle was very interested in what she was doing and trying to read over her shoulder. He asked about the assignments and wanted to read one of them. She apologized and said that the students had submitted the work in confidence and that she couldn’t share the papers. Then, at the top of one of the pages she was marking, in quite large writing was the question, “Isn’t it heresy to say that Jesus is God’s son?” He pointed to that paper and said, “That’s my question, what do you think about that?” As they continued talking he shared that he watched the Turkish Christian TV station “Kanal Hayat” (Life Channel) . They had a good conversation and she gave him a book which covers the major questions and objections Muslims have regarding Christianity. This man lives in Batman. Pray that he continues to search for truth and that God brings believers into his life.