Bartın is one of the newest provinces but is historically ancient and hosts a Byzantine castle. There are no known believers in the province, though some believers in other provinces are originally from here. Seed needs to be sown.

Small group sowing

An international team traveled to Bartın and had so many interesting conversations in this small city. Three girls shared with a family and as Bree prayed for one of the women, she started crying. The woman was shocked and said that what Bree had prayed about applied exactly to a situation in her life. They had never before experienced someone hearing the voice of God before. Later they spent time in the home of a woman who is a religions teacher, and she was open to listening to the Gospel and even accepted a New Testament from them. Two of the guys spoke to an Islamics teacher who had been friends with Christians when he was in university. They were able to share with him and he accepted a New Testament. He was very interested in learning more! Some women outside of a special education school invited three of the girls to have lunch with them. One of them even accepted a New Testament and the three ladies were able to pray over the school. The directors (a man and his wife) were extremely open to the Gospel and seemed like they could very soon make a decision of faith.