Balıkesir is located in both the Marmara and Aegean regions. Ferries from İstanbul to Bandırma are making it a popular tourist destination for locals. There are several workers and a few small fellowships.

The word of their testimony

Photo from Balıkesir
Ayvalık - Balıkesir

In a small town in Balıkesir province, two of the local brothers were taking a break from evangelism by having tea in a shop. There, they noticed a man in his early 50s, greeted him and sat near him. The man, whose name was Alper, had already heard them sharing with others on the street and liked the respectful way they talked about God. But as he shared his life, the brothers could tell Alper carried deep pain. One of the brothers began to share his own testimony and in response, Alper confessed that his son was struggling with drug addiction. "Why don't we go and pray for him?" asked the team members. At Alper's home, the team read from the Scriptures about God's healing power and then they were able to lay hands on and pray for Alper's son, Ahmet. The next day, they were able to introduce Alper to the brother who is church planting in that town and they were thrilled that they immediately seemed to like one another. Pray for Ahmet's deliverance and for this family to find Christ!

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    The team who travelled to Balıkesir province were able to reach out in several of the smaller cities in the province, where the Balıkesir church... more

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