Balıkesir is located in both the Marmara and Aegean regions. Ferries from İstanbul to Bandırma are making it a popular tourist destination for locals. There are several workers and a few small fellowships.

'Parking' in Balıkesir

Photo from Balıkesir

Balıkesir is a city full of beautiful parks! A small team of musicians visited one, began to play and to their surprise, were quickly surrounded by dozens of children! It was the end of term picnic and soon a group of mothers invited some of the female team members to play for them. They were able to share briefly. But in the evening, the larger team went to the very large park in the center of town, set up in the amphitheatre and began a programme of drama, music and dance. University students who had graduated that day, along with some families, quickly filled the concrete rows and after the performance, all the Turkish speaking team members were deep in spiritual conversations. Many were able to gift New Testaments and other booklets while one of the young women was able to tell the full story of the gospel to a large group. Local believers mingled with the group, sharing phone numbers. The team left very encouraged at what God was doing in Balıkesir!