Balıkesir is located in both the Marmara and Aegean regions. Ferries from İstanbul to Bandırma are making it a popular tourist destination for locals. There are several workers and a few small fellowships.

'The Gardener' goes to Balıkesir

Photo from Balıkesir

The Face-to-Face theatre group travelled to Balıkesir with their play ‘The Gardener’ It gives an Ottoman twist on the story of Adam and Eve, with the main characters being ‘the gardener’s' assistants. It becomes pretty clear what the story is portraying, when a snake appears to tempt the gardeners against their masters request. The master must banishe them from the Garden but in the end, there is restoration with the key to the garden being returned to them. The group's first performance was in a very popular park in the city centre. A huge crowd gathered! The group then moved down to an outdoor amphitheatre, deeper into the park. It turned out to be one of the biggest crowds ever, with hundreds gathering around. Sadly, the park security guard was visibly upset with the crowds so the team was not able to hang around much to talk. In fact, his complaint to the police resulted in a 90 minute chat with the "boys in blue" alongside the road! Please pray that the tract/story of the show - made into the shape of key to highlight the message - spoke clearly to those there.