Aydın's beautiful coastal areas attract many tourists, both foreign and local. A tiny fellowship meets, supported by regular visits from believers in İzmir. Let's believe God for more.

Not by might, nor by power

Photo from Aydın

A church team from Austria travelled through Turkey for a week and this is their report of their time in Aydın: "We had planned an outreach in Aydın one afternoon. After discovering a street with many pedestrians, we stood at a corner and gave out little cards with the internet address "www.kilise.info.tr/aydin". Through this website, interested people can get in touch with the churches in the province. A few minutes later we met a Turkish believer who attends the local church. Then we did a small drama performance and talked to people, some of whom were very interested and even wanted New Testaments, until the police came and called us out. We explained that we weren't forcing anyone to take something, and they accepted that. Mert, a 17-year-old guy who was watching all of that and who had been born in our town in Austria, said in the end: "It's not right what the police are doing! Like that we will never be accepted in the European Union! Everybody should be free to listen to what they want and to decide for themselves what to believe!"