Aydın's beautiful coastal areas attract many tourists, both foreign and local. A tiny fellowship meets, supported by regular visits from believers in İzmir. Let's believe God for more.

Challenging spiritual pride

Photo from Aydın
Aydın - lıvıng water

In a smaller town in Aydın province, the team met a younger woman in the park named Ece who offered to share her bench with them. They gave her a "You are Special" tract, which she liked and wondered if she could get the book that was mentioned at the bottom. She asked if it was the İncil. The team asked if she had read the İncil before and she said that she didn't need to - she knew everything because she was a Muslim. The team said, "Oh, so you don't want this, then?" Ece suggested that if it was a gift, she could take it. One of the team members wanted to read 1 John 4 to her but after she thought she did, she realised that she had read John 4 by mistake! Pray that Ece, her husband and three children would discover the love of Jesus and be thirsty to read His word. May they be drenched in the water of life!

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    Praying over the city of Aydın, the team asked the Lord to show them people of peace. Then they asked Engin how to use the QR on the tracts to... more

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