Aydın's beautiful coastal areas attract many tourists, both foreign and local. A tiny fellowship meets, supported by regular visits from believers in İzmir. Let's believe God for more.

Friendship as a bridge

Photo from Aydın

The creative arts team doing 'The Gardener' story of creation had permission to do the show in one of Aydın's town centres, next to a high school. They were able to do three performances. After the second show, the ‘Eve’ character was surrounded by the local covered women wanting to chat and have conversations. At first she started sharing very openly about what the ‘key’ in the story meant. The women immediately started to become quite suspicious and were suddenly not so friendly any more. At this point, ‘Eve’ felt God prompting her to stop sharing so openly and ınstead to build friendships with them. As soon as she switched the conversation, their entire attitudes changed and they were filled with joy and laughter. They all exchanged phone numbers and Facebook profiles, took pictures and were very keen to keep in touch. We pray that through friendship and trust building, more spiritual doors will open to share with these ladies. The rest of the team were chatting for a long time after these performances with various onlookers, and people seemed really touched by the message.