Artvin was historically part of Georgia and still has many ancient castles and churches. But the decreasing population reveals the lack of industry and economic opportunities. There are no known believers. Won't you come?

NTs for the whole class

Photo from Artvin

The Bible Correspondence Course (BCC) had received a request from a university professor in this province to send 40 New Testaments for his whole class. He wanted his students to compare the NT with the Quran. When one of the BCC staff members travelled through the area with a group, he decided to pay a visit to the university and bring the professor the whole Bible that he had requested. The group travelled two hours just to get there - and what they found was a whole class of students, all eager to hear more from them about their belief. The group ended up spending three hours with this whole class, sharing and answering many questions. How amazing is God! Pray that God's word would fall on fruitful ground in these students' hearts!

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