Artvin was historically part of Georgia and still has many ancient castles and churches. But the decreasing population reveals the lack of industry and economic opportunities. There are no known believers. Won't you come?

A tough nut to crack

Photo from Artvin

A group of Korean believers traveled along the Black Sea to bring the good news. They had excellent opportunities in some provinces - and less so in others. To them, Artvin seemed spiritually empty, dark and heavy. With policemen or soldiers on every corner, they felt if they tried to distribute their Christian materials they would get in a lot of trouble. They divided up to go two by two, to pray for opportunities to share. Spiritually it seemed hard and oppressive but there were people who were waiting for us. One family who received brochures from the team invited them for tea. As they were enjoying tea, the neighbours were gathering together so they shared their personal testimonies and the family gave them a bag of hazelnuts. They prayed for that family to receive the seed.