Artvin was historically part of Georgia and still has many ancient castles and churches. But the decreasing population reveals the lack of industry and economic opportunities. There are no known believers. Won't you come?

In a home, in a store, everwhere we went....

Photo from Artvin

Agnes and Mary met a lady throwing away old pickles in a dumpster. They chatted for a bit before she invited them into her home for a cool yogurt drink even though she was in the middle of cleaning her whole house. Her daughter who married quite young was visiting with her children. When the topic turned to how husbands should treat their wives Mary read to them from Ephesians. Later the ladies accepted the New Testament as a gift. Pray for them to read it. Later, Agnes and Mary met a very open minded lady running a clothes shop as well as serving on the city council. She would like to have summer English club in the town next year. Pray for wisdom in following this amazing opportunity up.

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