Ardahan was once part of Kars. One of its lakes is half Turkish and half Georgian! It has few employment or educational opportunities. It has rarely been visited with the good news and there are no known believers.

This is the gospel!

Photo from Ardahan

A team came from Armenia in order to bless Ardahan and sow seeds of forgiveness and reconciliation. They spent alot of their time praying for reconciliation around the sites of ancient ruins. They also went to several different villages where they were invited into homes for tea and received well. In one home, one of the young men was able to play his guitar and sing a song in both Turkish and Armenian. The music really changed the atmosphere and after that they were able to pray for that family and leave them with some literature. They hope to visit this family again in the future. The team was also excited to come across another family who was very open and had been searching to know more about Jesus for a long time! They had many questions which they team was able to answer. The team will stay in Van for a few months and they hope to visit them again from Van sometime in the fall. They would like to bring some Turkish believers along as well. The gospel, the story of reconciliation and forgiveness!