Ardahan was once part of Kars. One of its lakes is half Turkish and half Georgian! It has few employment or educational opportunities. It has rarely been visited with the good news and there are no known believers.

Drinking tea

Photo from Ardahan

We arrived in Ardahan after a day of bus rides. We were tired, hungry, and excited to see what God would do in the time we would spend there. We guys met a room full of men in a tea house. It was fun getting to know them and we shared with several of them in the corner. One guy we talked really seriously with and left a "More than Dreams" DVD. We girls decided to run out for groceries, and only two stores were open! The employees at the first shop talked with us about why we were staying in Ardahan, and the men at the second shop received the DVDs that we offered them. It was a simple, beautiful evening spent telling people about our hope in Jesus and reason we travel the country. They heard that Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead, and He reconciles us to God! God provided opportunities, and I am thankful that the Holy Spirit worked in and through us faithfully!