Ardahan was once part of Kars. One of its lakes is half Turkish and half Georgian! It has few employment or educational opportunities. It has rarely been visited with the good news and there are no known believers.

A park boasts new life!

Photo from Ardahan
Almost there

A long term worker in the southeast of the country was praying during his daily devotional time. Dick heard God speaking to him about the province of Ardahan. “But”, he protested, “Ardahan is the far NORTHeast of the country – I live in the southeast!” There was nothing specific – just that Dick was to go and that God would do the rest. Dick took Tom, a newer worker in his city with him, and they travelled with others keen to reach out in the northeast of the country. Tom and Dick met a man in the park in Ardahan who had already heard about Jesus. Murat had even prayed once to Jesus when he was sick and the Lord had healed him! Dick explained the Gospel to him and Murat joyfully accepted! Please pray for Murat and his brother Remzi who also heard the gospel explained but did not receive. Pray too for Dick who is endeavoring to follow up Murat from a distant location.