One of the most beautiful regions in Turkey, Antalya also has an active international church and a growing Turkish fellowship. There are many workers engaged in both reaching out and prayer ministry. Come over and help them.

Awake Antalya!

Photo from Antalya

"We are the leaders of Awake Antalya which is a project of prayer walking in every village and town in Antalya province. We have been on-sight praying (by ourselves or with teams) in over 300 villages now and continue on. We pray, give literature, share the love of God and talk with many people. So many wonderful stories of God moving in villager's hearts." Please pray for this wonderful initiative!

  • No Longer Music in Manavgat

    Thumbnail photo from Antalya

    When we arrived at the venue - an outdoor stage next to a soccer stadium - we found out that we were the opening show for the city-wide Ramadan... more

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