One of the most beautiful regions in Turkey, Antalya also has an active international church and a growing Turkish fellowship. There are many workers engaged in both reaching out and prayer ministry. Come over and help them.

New faith!

Photo from Antalya
Antalya marina

The team met many people from other Muslim countries on holiday here! By playing music out at the marina late in the evening, they were able to make some amazing contacts. One night when the team was playing music, Narineh, a young Iranian girl, stopped to listen to the worship. She said she felt unusually drawn to it. Two of the team girls ended up talking to her for a long time - she was soaking in every word they shared about Jesus and was clearly overwhelmed by the love of God as they talked. At the end, Narineh stated that she now believes İsa died for her too, she believes He is the sacrifice for her sins, she believes the İncil and she wants to know God more and more! She was overjoyed to get her own copy of the İncil and after the prayer they prayed for her, she felt so full of God's love. One of the team had the address of a local church saved on her phone as she had been searching for it that day-never realising she would need it that night! Narineh carefully noted its address and also downloaded the Bible app to her phone. Please pray that she would grow in faith!

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