Ankara is the capital of Turkey, in the Biblical Galatia. Ataturk, the founder of the modern republic is buried here. There are 4-5 churches, some with solid, local leadership. An effective children's ministry is also based here.

Training in outreach

One of the local churches in Ankara invited some actors and musicians to come provide training so that the church could have more creative arts skills for outreach. Church members learned several dramas and with the visitors providing live music, they performed them in different locations of their part of town. The weather wasn't so cooperative but people still were interested and engaged. The shop owners, outside of which the team was performing, was intrigued and happily accepted a Jesus film. The next weekend, the church members were surprised when two conservative Muslim girls arrived at church. They had a lot of questions about Christianity. Pray for the seeds that were sown in Batikent!