You can see Amasya on the map in the back of your Bible - it was the capital of the Pontus region. Famous for its flavorful red apples, there is almost no spiritual fruit. Who will declare the name of the Lord?

Diverse opportunities!

Photo from Amasya
Amasya - Zumba class

Arriving in Amasya, the team didn't have a place to stay but the taxi driver brought them to a hotel that was clearly set apart by the Lord! They were able to spend so much time with the staff and in particular to pray for one lady who earlier in the year lost her husband. She said she had no idea what Christians believe and asked them to tell her, so they got to share very openly. The hotel also offers free Zumba classes which the two girls on the team both love. It means every evening the place is filled with ladies who the girls get to meet! One in particular was eager to hang out so over a dinner together she shared her struggles. Both girls got to share their testimonies of how Jesus saved them. Two of the guys spent most of one day with a guy from Saudi Arabia . They met at a tomb near the castle of Amasya and talked an hour and half through Google Translate. They continued over dinner when they were able to give him an SD card of Arabic scriptures and prayed for the healing of his lower back. Afterwards he said his back was much better - praise the Lord!