You can see Amasya on the map in the back of your Bible - it was the capital of the Pontus region. Famous for its flavorful red apples, there is almost no spiritual fruit. Who will declare the name of the Lord?

Offering hope

Photo from Amasya

Aaron and Don, two Turkish speaking brothers, visited one of the smaller cities in Amasya province. As they walked and prayed around the town, they saw two young guys sitting and Aaron felt he should pray for them. First, he asked where they could get food and one of the young men offered to lead them to a restaurant As they walked, he shared from the heart how he had his whole life planned out but then he was in a car accident, leaving him permanently disabled. He was disheartened, thinking he had no future other than a regular disability check. Aaron shared how Jesus could heal him and had the privilege of sharing the whole gospel with him and his friends. Please pray that the long time of deep sharing would bear fruit in faith.

  • Unexpected opportunity

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    Down in the city centre in Amasya, Aaron and Don met three students sitting on a bench. After talking and sharing with them a while, they gave... more

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