You can see Amasya on the map in the back of your Bible - it was the capital of the Pontus region. Famous for its flavorful red apples, there is almost no spiritual fruit. Who will declare the name of the Lord?

The Word of God is not bound

Photo from Amasya

Due to the efficiency of the Tokat police, the Amasya police were waiting for the team when they arrived and stayed with them during their time in Amasya to 'protect' them. Praise God, this did not hinder them. Vickie was thrilled to be able to distribute much literature because it's impossible to do it in the country where she lives. The men met an English teacher on the campus and also two American Fulbrights. Their best contact was a restaurant owner at the place they had eaten their first evening. They were able to share hours with him about the Gospel. He remained dubious asking, "If this is true, why are there so many followers of Islam?" Pray for his heart to be opened.