Aksaray's early churches here became syncretistic and lost their power. Now, there are only one or two believers and no church. Aksaray is the centre of the salt industry in Turkey but where are those to be spiritual salt?

God's amazing provision

Photo from Aksaray

"Meryem had lost her hairband and she and Joy had gone into a shop to buy a new one, while I was waiting at the corner opposite an outdoor shoe stall. A family of three walked up and the father selected a pair of comfortable sandals for his limping daughter. When the girls got back, I suggested that we go and pray for the daughter, thinking she had a blister on her foot. We asked if we may pray for her and what language they speak. To our astonishment they said Flemish and Turkish, as they live in Belgium. So I had the privilege of praying for them in my mother tongue of Africaans/Flemish, in the middle of a Turkish city. They invited us for something to drink as none of the family was fasting, due to health problems. Thereafter, they invited us to tea in the village where the husband grew up and where his mother still lives. But....their car was gone, and looking around, their car was being towed away. When the police handed the husband back his keys with no penalty, it seemed like a miracle." Ask that God would show this family how God is intervening in their lives.

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