Aksaray's early churches here became syncretistic and lost their power. Now, there are only one or two believers and no church. Aksaray is the centre of the salt industry in Turkey but where are those to be spiritual salt?

A difficult situation

Walking into a store we didn't expect to bump into someone who knew English. Our conversation between ourselves was interrupted by a lady who heard us speaking English - She knew English very well having lived in the UK. We talked with her and her family and then got invited for tea. We talked to them for some time and gave them a book as we left. We asked about the directions of a place but they took us there and then invited us for coffee at their home. We went quite excited. After some general conversation they asked us some questions and we answered them, why did you come here etc. This naturally led to a spiritual one and the same questions we always are asked and assumptions about what we believe we answered. This was interrupted with the arrival of the ladies husband who came and didn't like that we had given a book to his wife. This man became angry with us although we tried to answer him respectfully he still was angry and then asked us to take the book and leave. We trust our Father has a purpose in this and that He will touch their lives.

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