Ağrı is best known for its location at the foot of Mt. Ararat and for expeditions to find Noah's Ark. It is a beautiful place with no believers but there do seem to be some genuine seekers. Come, help them find.

At the foot of Noah's mountain

Photo from Ağrı

The team of four traveled to this remote province at the foot of Noah's mountain. The girls were invited in to tea by a family who had never seen or talked to foreigners before. As they shared stories of Jesus the women sat open mouthed."Is it really true?!?" They asked. Yes! As the girls were were leaving the family said they never thought foreigners like us would be loving and following God. Later two other girls came from İstanbul to join the team and they all got to spend time with ladies at the park and pray with them. The guys had some good conversation with the men in town. Praise the Lord! While the guys were sharing, two of the girls sat down with some very religious individuals. As they drank tea, they asked so many questions about faith in Christ. As the girls explained the Good News multiple times and gave testamony to God's work in their lives, the Muslims began to see the truth. Please pray for them as they consider the truth they heard.