Ağrı is best known for its location at the foot of Mt. Ararat and for expeditions to find Noah's Ark. It is a beautiful place with no believers but there do seem to be some genuine seekers. Come, help them find.

New life!

Photo from Ağrı

The intrepid team in the east met Ahmet* who said he didn't believe in God and when he died would just go into the ground. A small group went to his house where they shared at length and Ahmet then agreed that Jesus was God - amazing! The team explained to him that following Jesus is no small thing, it requires every bit of your life and being. They asked him if he was ready to give up everything to follow Jesus and he said yes, saying he wanted to hear from God. The team prayed and asked Jesus to speak to him, waiting in silence for God's voice. When they asked him what God had said, this man who had never read the New Testament said that God told him "If he were to draw near to God, God would draw near to him." Amazingly the team had heard from the Lord to study James while they were in Turkey and just that day they had finished up chapter four with the verse. " If you draw near to God, God will draw near to you. God speaks! Ahmet gave his life to the Lord and was so eager to study God's Word, though fearful of his wife discovering his faith. Please pray.