Afyon with its long history means 'opium' and is the center for its legal, pharmaceutical use. This province also produces beautiful marble cuttings. There are a few believers but no regular meeting. Come and gather.

Not shopping but giving at the mall

Photo from Afyon

Three of the team went to the mall and started conversations with the women at the information desk. They gave the "You are Special" tract, then offered gospel bracelets to the three ladies. The cleaning manager, Kısmet, asked them to explain what the coloured beads meant. They were able to share from creation to Christ using the beads and cards. She asked for more for her colleagues. She took ten and said she would explain to them the meaning of the bracelet too. Another team member gave some scripture scrolls about God's Love. They were touched by what they read. They said goodbye to the ladies but Kısmet insisted on taking them for some Turkish coffee. The blessed the four ladies working the cafe with gospel bracelets as well. Another lady approached their table and they offered her a scroll, too. She read out loud 1 John 4:7 and pointed to a book saying she had read something similar from it earlier. They offered her a bracelet and shared the gospel using it. The team is in contact by Instagram with Kısmet and she hopes to visit them in Istanbul.

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