Afyon with its long history means 'opium' and is the center for its legal, pharmaceutical use. This province also produces beautiful marble cuttings. There are a few believers but no regular meeting. Come and gather.

Sowing and a secret

Photo from Afyon

The team from the discipleship school, having only one day in Afyon, decided to go wild, passing out tracts and Bibles to everyone who would accept one. The team leader reports, "Three men who recognized us didn't seem too happy that we had given a Bible to a begger who had it out in plain sight. While waiting for the shuttle the police arrived and there was a bit of conflict for a short while, eventually I told them I was a Kızılderili (North American Indian) and this lightened the mood a bit. They called two other policemen who came and said everything was fine and they went on their way. After they left, a man who was in charge of the shuttle bus who had been watching all this take place called me into his office. He sat down and made a hand gesture as if he was opening a book and then pointed to himself. I knew he wanted a Bible so I got one for him. He took me behind his desk opened his drawer to reveal he also had a Jesus DVD which was awesome because we personally hadn't given it to him." Praise God that He is working in Afyon!

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    An international team from a discipleship school decided to target Afyon for prayer and outreach. Arriving on a bus from Istanbul, friendly people... more

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