Afyon with its long history means 'opium' and is the center for its legal, pharmaceutical use. This province also produces beautiful marble cuttings. There are a few believers but no regular meeting. Come and gather.

Good seed

Photo from Afyon

Lots of good seed was scattered by an experienced 1881 team from South Africa. They decided not just to meet people but to leave packages of New Testaments and Jesus films in exposed places throughout the city and ask God to lead the right people to them. They share this story: "Kobus and Susan wandered around and Susan saw the opportunity to place a Bible at the front door of the house below and walked back to the rest of the group who were on the other side of the road… While we were still there, I saw a young lady who knocked at the window next to the curtained front door and when no one opened the door, she pushed the curtain away, saw the Bible, picked it up, opened the front door, and walked inside with the Bible!! This was so special especially for Elize who had been asking God to see somebody pick up and take a Bible she has placed." The team was able to distribute 61 New Testaments and 88 Jesus films!