Adıyaman boasts Nemrut Dağı, one of Turkey's most famous monuments. There are many economic obstacles. A handful of believers meet in two small house churches. Jesus died for the people of Adıyaman.

An unexpected opportunity

Photo from Adıyaman

"In the evening, Tayfun wanted to take me to his Qur’an course and introduce me to his students. While I went with him, our two sisters had a good conversation with his wife. Our other brother answered all the questions that the imam’s son had about Jesus and developed a beautiful friendship with him. "At the Qur’an course I met ten men and together with Tayfun, they were all Kurdish and businessmen. Some were learning the Qur’an in Arabic, some were taking lessons in giving the call to prayer. Tayfun introduced me to the men as a priest of the curch and said they could ask me all the questions they had about the New Testament, Jesus Christ and the Christian faith. For three hours, drinking countless cups of tea, I patiently gave answers to all their questions. I shared verses of Scripture and explained why Jesus Christ came into the world and about his death and resurrection. The Lord gave me as beautiful time with this group as he had during the day in Tayfun’s house. I gave them the necessary amount of New Testaments and DVDs. Praise to our good and holy God!"

  • God is drawing people to Himself

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    “When we arrived at the bus station, we telephoned the imam at a mosque who had previously received a New Testament. He said that he wanted to meet... more

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