Adana is Turkey's fifth largest city. Spiritually difficult for many years, it now has several small churches. Its many crusader castles bring a grim reminder of historic damage to the gospel here.

The gift that keeps on giving

Photo from Adana

Foreigners with little Turkish are limited in their witness but leaving effective Turkish literature and other media can keep up the conversation! Two girls visited a women’s sewing class and left them with Magdalena films. A girl met in a park said she had never even seen an İncil so she was gifted one, together with another book. Later, the team saw this girl in a quiet corner of the park, reading these books. Hundreds of books and films went out in Adana in January – please pray for these seeds.

  • Local church partnership

    Thumbnail photo from Adana

    The team that came to Adana did so in partnership with one of the local churches. While the church planned a special event, the team went out on... more

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