터키에서 가장 큰 석탄 생산 지역이나 수입 가스로 인해 그 수요가 줄어들고 있다. 인구도 점점 줄고 있다. 소수의 신지들이 이 지역의 첫 교회로 성장하는지 함께 지켜 봅시다.

The pain of past hurts

Zonguldak(존굴닥)의 사진

The Zonguldak teams shares: "After asking the Holy Spirit to lead us, we almost immediately met Hüseyin, a retired tour guide who had been questioning God most of his life due to some traumatic events in his childhood. When he heard we were believers he demanded to know why God would let Jesus die such a painful death. We explained that it was due to God's great love for us! Hüseyin cannot get past his own loss but we told him that God understood his pain and that maybe He had sent us to him to answer his questions! Hüseyin agreed and we spent 3-4 hours together talking of God, His love and our need of a life-giving relationship through Jesus. Hüseyin was very excited to take a New Testament and a few other items. Pray for Hüseyin to have faith in our loving Heavenly Father and for his heart to continue to be open to the work of the Lord. Ask God to heal him in Jesus and restore all these years that the locusts have eaten.