1999년 지진으로 끔찍하게 무너진 이곳은 새로 세워지고 성장하고 있다. 주민들은 많은 성도들에 의해 도움을 받았고 현재 한개의 교회와 크리스챤 야영지가 있으나 성도들의 숫자는 아직도 적은 편이다.

Be strong and courageous!

Yalova(얄로바)의 사진
Leaving Yalova

A team from Hawaii travelled across the bay from Istanbul, together with a longterm worker, to reach Yalova for Jesus! They had hoped to do their theatrical dance performance but the local church in Yalova specifically asked them to do nothing "public". Instead, the team canvassed the city in pairs to talk to people and offer prayer and literature. One of their favourite moments though was on the ferry leaving! Two team members spoke with a lady who was excited to receive prayer. They were able to pray for her and give her the 'you are special' tract! She was so happy to receive the prayer and also very open to receive the New Testament that they were able to leave with her. Pray for these small seeds that have gone out. Pray for the church in Yalova and the wonderful work they do with refugees. Pray for unity amongst the different languages and cultures represented in the church. Pray against fear and that God would teach them the truth of what He is doing in Yalova.