반과 이란의 국경 지역에 성장하고 있는 이란인 성도 모임이 있다. 반면 터키 성도들은 아주 적다. 1917년에 도시가 무너지고 다시 세워졌다. - 주님의 나라 또한 세워지는 것을 볼 때다.

The presence of Jesus

Van(반)의 사진

Despite the snow and cold, an eager, international team flew out to Van to share the love of Jesus with people there. Not knowing any Turkish, they were thrilled to meet two English speakers on the street. Going off for tea together, they were able to share the gospel very clearly with Bilal* who said, "I have never heard the true story of Jesus, I only know a very little But I am interested to know all you have to say." The team met the two men again the next day, explaining to Bilal that knowing Jesus was not about religion but actually that he could speak with God and God would speak with him. The asked if he'd like to speak with God and he said yes! The team prayed for him and he said afterwards if felt like all his burdens were lifted and a peace had come over him. But when asked if wanted to repent of sin and follow Jesus completely, he was not yet ready. Sadly, the family forbade any further contact the team was able to say goodbye to Bilal on the phone who thanked the team and said, "I now know that it is not about religion but only about Jesus." *name changed for security