신약 성경을 페르시아어로 처음 번역한 헨리 마틴이 잠들어 있는 곳으로 알려져있다. 이곳 과수원들의 아름다운 열매에 반해 영적으로는 거의 열매가 없는 보수적 지역이다. 누가 갈 것인가?

God's touch

Tokat(토캇)의 사진
Tokat - The parable of the Lost Son

The team visited an English conversation class and had great conversations with many young people and teachers. Although there were several barriers, they were able to share with them about their faith in Christ and gave away some tracts and prayer cards. A young man named Gaffar and a young woman Melis came to talk to Daniel and David. Gaffar became agnostic after his disillusionment with all the strict rules of religion. Daniel shared about his religious upbringing and how he came to truly know God, and "book that changed his life”, Gaffar's eyes lit up and he accepted it joyfully! Melis wanted to read it immediately so the young people, now joined by Yunus, together read Luke 15 the story of the prodigal son with Daniel. They said that the story was different from the Qur'an and it touched their heart. They wanted to meet the next evening and talk more. The next evening, Yunus, Melis, Gaffar and Ahmet brought the New Testament and asked many questions. Prayers of blessing for them were received emotionally and gratefully.

  • Christmas in July

    Tokat(토캇)의  엄지 손톱 크기 사진

    The team decided to have an early day of Christmas ‘gift-giving’ in Tokat. They went to the supermarket and bought many household items, sweets,... 더 보기

  • Creativity in evangelism!

    Tokat(토캇)의  엄지 손톱 크기 사진

    The team that travelled to Tokat were so creative in the many ways they reached out! Upon arrival, the team found a community “book-sharing”... 더 보기

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