역사적으로 중요한 곳이지만 대부분의 소수족들에게 수백년 동안 여러면에서 압박의 어려움을 극복해야 했던 도시이기도 하다. 몇몇 신자들은 있지만 교회는 없다. 와서 돌밭에 있는 씨들에게 물을 줍시다.

Surprise encounter!

Sivas(시바스)의 사진
Sivas library

The team from Sivas: "We were walking past Sivas library and wanted to look around. It was beautiful building decorated with blue tiles on the wall. We asked the security guard whether it was possible to have conversations with people in English. He introduced us to the library manager who invited people to talk to us. We met one young student who is preparing for his final medical degree and others who are preparing for the civil service exam (KPSS) this Sunday. The library was packed with students who want to qualify as teachers or to work for the government. They told us they could only spend half an hour with us. However the conversations carried on until the guard told us it was time for the library to close. We spent two and a half hours with them, they had many questions about Christianity which we were able to answer. It was a great time. All of them were happy to spend time with us together. We gave them New Testaments as gifts and prayed for them. It was a very secure environment for them and they enjoyed the conversation with us.