한때 스르트의 일부 였지만 이라크와 시리아 국경지역의 강화를 위해 자체 행정구가 되었다. 테러가 이곳 사람들은 흩어지게 했지만 지금은 안정이 된 상태이다. 이곳에 기쁨의 소식을 가져오지 않겠는가?

Unexpected interest

Şırnak(싀르낙)의 사진

A team of local brothers travelled to Şırnak province both to seek the seekers as well as to visit those who have expressed interest via the Bible Correspondence Course. The brothers were able to visit BCC students in four separate towns in Şırnak province. All were in different stages of their journeys. Sedat was still reading the Qur'an and could not get past the deity of Christ. Ali, on the other hand, informed them that he was the only person at his workplace who did not fast during Ramadan. He also had spent time in prison for intellectual crimes. Others had similar stories but it was encouraging to have so many visits in one of the more isolated provinces. The Word of God is not bound! Our brothers were also able to share and give literature to casual contacts they made while travelling as well.