오스마니예는 1990년 후반부터 행정 구역이 되었다. 중요한 농업중심 지역이나 영적 열매는 보수적, 민족주의적 영향으로 두드러지지 않고 있다. 누가 그곳으로 갈 것인가?

Surrendering to Jesus

Osmaniye(오스마니예)의 사진

The team in Osmaniye met an older lady sitting on her balcony. She invited them to come and drink tea with her. They shared the story of the Samaritan woman and prayed for healing in her feet and legs. They then gave her and her nephew an İncil. They met the lady's neighbours and shared the story of the healing at the pool of Bethsaida. The mother was suffering from pain in her arm due to surgery and they prayed for healing for her as well in Jesus' name. The team climbed the mountain overlooking the city and prayed and worshipped. They prayed for the spirit of nationalism to be broken and waved a white flag of surrender, declaring that hearts in Osmaniye would surrender to Jesus. In the evening, they found an amusement park with many young people and shared with a girl who had clearly met other Christians because she asked them if they were on a "prayer walk!" They were able to give her an İncil as well. Ask God to open her heart towards the gospel.