오르두는 흑해에 위치한 아름다운 항구 지역이다. 다른 유명한 도시 처럼 잘 알려지진 않았지만 헤이즐럿과 다른 농업 경작물이 풍부하게 생산된다. 영적으로는 이와 같은 열매를 아직 보지 못하고 있다. 씨가 뿌려져야 할 곳이다.

Building the church

Ordu(오르두)의 사진

A vibrant team of Albanians is the team for Ordu! They have made friends wherever they have gone. Visiting an old church away from the city, they met two girls on the minibus who joined them. They spent several hours with them, praying and sharing. The next evening they held an Albanian evening in the church, preparing traditional food, a quiz and videos about Albania and an Albanian dance. The church was packed! Some of the friends they had made came and they were able to spend time alone with them afterwards as well, sharing and giving them literature. The next day, six more people came to the church wanting to know about the team and their faith. The team leader and pastor shared with them. While there, the team has also been sharing their testimonies with the believers there and always there have been non-believers there to listen as well. Many New Testaments and other pieces of literature have gone out. Ask God to annoint each one and that the church in Ordu would know increase as a result of the team's visit.