많은 수리안 가정들과 함께 역사적으로 오르토독스(정교회) 지역이다. 또한 어린 소년들을 신부로 길러내는 수도원들이 있다. 이곳에 얼마나 진실한 믿음의 소유자들이 있는지 알아내기 쉽지 않은 곳이다. - 와서 부흥에 불을 붙이지 않겠는가!

A beacon of light

Mardin(마딘)의 사진

A local church in the northwest of the country went down to visit one of their church members doing his military service near Mardin. While there, they wanted to participate in 1881 too! First, the team visited with the pastor of the Protestant church in the old part of town. They were able to hear the pastor’s vision for outreach and pray for him and the church. He explained that by being located in Mardin, they have many tourist visitors from various regions. While the team was there, a young couple from Gaziantep wandered in as tourists and were able to hear the pastor share his testimony and answer some of their questions. Afterwards, the team split into three smaller groups. One group did prayer walking around the city. One went to a café with the couple from Gaziantep for more discussion. And one group connected with a family from Izmir who were touring Mardin. They were able to talk about spiritual things while drinking tea together. Thank God for the wonderful opportunities the church here has to reach out!