성경 요한계시록에서 말하는 7개 교회 중 세 곳이 이곳 마니사에 있다. 경제적으로 부유한 지역이다. 믿음의 사람들이 꽤 있고, 이즈미르에서 정기적으로 이곳 신자들을 방문한다. 곧 교회가 생성될 가능성이 많다! 와서 도우라.

Unique experiences!

Manisa(마니사)의 사진

The team had some unique experiences in Manisa! Don met a man who explained when he was in Istanbul he followed some people into a church and that the hairs on his arms stood up! Don explained it was God's presence and since Don lives in the Aegean region, the two of them plan to meet up. Sedat, a local believer on the team, is sharing with everyone he meets! The girls met Hacer who was amazed to hear songs about Jesus sung in Turkish by people of different cultures. She took them up the mountain where they were able to attend a wedding and give the bride an SD card as a wedding gift! They visited the British cultural centre in Manisa where one of the staff expressed interest in knowing more about Christianity and visiting the church. She promised to visit on Sunday. The team found the church members a bit nervous. They took them on a picnic to encourage them! Pray for God to continue to build His church in Manisa!