킬리스는 최근에 생긴 지방 중 하나이다. 시라아 국경과 접해 있고, 이곳에 사는 많은 사람들의 친척들이 시리아쪽에 살고 있어서 국가적으로 시리아와의 관계가 좋지 않을 때 영향을 받고 있다. 물에 대한 주권이 큰 쟁점 거리다. - 그들에게 생명의 물을 공급하자!

Breaking new ground

Kilis(킬리스)의 사진

Kilis is unusual in Turkey in that the population of Syrian refugees is greater than the population of Turks. This has resulted in a somewhat tense environment in Kilis. The team who travelled there writes: "Two of us headed for Kilis after being warned that we might receive a lot of scrutiny. After only one roadside check, we were warmly welcomed into a home for tea and conversation. Warm hospitality as well followed at a ladies' training centre where we donated a Bible to their library. The theological student sitting beside us on the trip had many questions about our faith and also happily accepted a book. In spite of our inexperience and hesitancy, God directed our steps and opened doors! May He water these little seeds in Kilis!