카라뷱 내의 한 지역 싸프란볼루는 아름답고, 역사적 보호 지역임에도 불구하고 카라뷱은 산업 도시이다. 최근 몇년간의 경제 위기 전에 이미 경제적 사정이 안좋아졌다. 지금까지 알려진 신자는 아무도 없다.

Focused witness

Karabük(카라뷱)의 사진

Our brothers sharing the Word in Karabük passed along this story: "We met Ali at a tire shop and were able to spend time with him and his friend and share some of the Gospel. They listened with interest. Later, I asked the Holy Spirit to encounter Ali right then and there. He said when I prayed that he felt heat in his arm where I had put my hand. After that, interest turned into eagerness! We met with him again the next day and he brought a different friend this time. Hüner shared a lot from his own testimony and also presented the gospel clearly. We were able to pray for them again and again, they listened to everything very attentively. We gave them a New Testament but also an SD card with many Christian materials." Please pray for Ali, that Jesus would reveal Himself to Him in power and in His word!