카라만마라쉬는 동지중해 지역의 일부이나 도시 성격은 오히려 동쪽과 더 닮아 있다. 종파 폭력의 역사와 함께 보수적인 지역에 속한다. 몇명 신자들이 있지만 서로 만나기가 쉽지 않은 상황이다.

Overcoming fear

Kahramanmaraş(카라만마라쉬)의 사진
Kahramanmaraş - shoe shop

The girls on the team went to a shoe shop where they met a couple of friendly girls who had never met any Christians before and wanted to know what it meant to be one. One of the girls allowed them to pray for her, but the other stayed behind afraid of what could happen. However, she invited them to come again and spend some more time together. The next day, when the girls returned, she introduced them to another friend of years and allowed the team to give them literature and pray for both of them! It was a great opportunity to see their misconceptions about Christians change. Now on to pray that they overcome their objections about Jesus in the same way!

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