이즈미르는 터키에서 세 번째로 큰 도시이자 성경에 나오는 '서머나' 지역이다. 이스탄불을 제와한 다른 어떤 도시보다 교회가 가장 많다. 교회들간의 화합이 큰 수확을 가져온 잠재력이다. 자 이제, 이즈미르 도시 외곽의 읍내와 면으로 나아가자. !

Healing rain!

İzmir(이즈미르)의 사진

Two of the team members prayed for a man's back pain and he felt better! The girls prayed for a lady with a balance problem who said she didn't feel any different. They remembered that Jesus once had to pray twice so they prayed again and the lady said she felt the presence of God! In fact, she wanted them to pray over and over! Later, the girls asked to share the shade with a lady and her daughter and they shared the story of Jesus. But the lady told us she was confused, it was impossible for Jesus to be "with them." As they sat with her, some other believers began playing music nearby and passed out literature, which made her suspicious. Afterwards, as the conversation continued, she mentioned a problem with her ear. As they prayed for her she experienced Jesus! And as they continued to pray for her, Jesus healed her ear! She was overjoyed! She came to the seaside just for fresh air, and received a gift from Jesus Himself. The team got her number and a team member who lives in İzmir plans to meet with her when they return to Izmir.