기레순은 터키 헤이즐넛의 대부분이 생산되는 지역으로 아름다운 곳이다. 믿음의 사람들이 모두 다른 곳으로 떠나 버려서 영적 열매는 헤이즐럿 만큼 동일한 수확이 있지는 못하다. 하나님은 이곳 예배자들의 찬양을 받으시기에 합당하시다.

Faithfulness in opposition

Giresun(기레순)의 사진
Old Giresun church - now children's library

The team that travelled to Giresun, after a devotional time, split up into two teams. The first group went to an old church that had been operating as a children's library since 1967. The seven people working there offered coffee and tea and a time of getting to know one another. The manager was open to know more about them and she accepted to have a henna story painted on her hand. The team was able to share with her. The second group we went to the castle area at the top of the city and had a chance to share the gospel with a girl who was there who was seeking for God. She said she didn't even want to go there that day but something made her! Two people gave out a Bible to a man who appears to have complained about them to the police. The team kept the pair in the hot sun for 3 hours while they investigated their books, which they kept. They also took their passport details. Afterwards, the team was followed everywhere they went. Pray for the contacts they made and that Jesus would reveal himself to them. The Holy Spirit is free to go where humans cannot!