에스키쉐히르는 이스탄불과 앙카라 사이에 있는 중요한 철도 정류장이다. 이곳 두 개의 대학에는 터키 전역에서 온 많은 학생들로 꽉 차 있다. 건물이 있는 교회와 또 다른 가정 모임이 하나 있지만 그 숫자는 적은 편이다. 믿음의 사람들로 교회를 채웁시다.

God's power shown in Eskişehir

Eskişehir(에스키쉐히르)의 사진

The team who went to Eskişehir had trouble connecting with people. But after they met some Iranians, things started to happen! They prayed for healing for one young man who was so overcome, he called his mother in Iran to tell her! She had been struggling with pain in both her head and shoulder so they prayed for her over the phone and she was healed as well! The team shared the good news of Jesus with them. An Iranian believer took the team to his mother's apartment where they had lunch with a group of friends. The team prayed over them and shared with them as well. Afterwards, one of the guys invited them to go to the hospital to pray for his friend and share with him. He wasn't healed - but he came to Jesus!